manual optimisation

Optimisation of a Poisson survival model using Optimx in R

In this blog post, we will fit a Poisson regression model by maximising its likelihood function using optimx() in R. As an example we will use the lung cancer data set included in the {survival} package.

Estimating Standard Errors for a Logistic Regression Model optimised with Optimx in R

In my last post I estimated the point estimates for a logistic regression model using optimx() from the optimx package in R. In this post I would like to contine with this model an try to find the standard error (SE) for the derived estimates.

Optimisation of a Logistic Regression Model using Optimx in R

In my last post I used the optim() command to optimise a linear regression model. In this post, I am going to take that approach a little further and optimise a logistic regression model in the same manner.

Optimisation of a Linear Regression Model in R

In this post I would like to show how to manually optimise a linear regression model using the optim() command in R. Usually if you learn how to fit a linear regression model in R, you would learn how to use the lm() command to do this.